MANAGED Services


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Integration Partners’ CERTAINTY portfolio of Managed Services address all of your unified communications and networking challenges while including a progression to cloud hosting. CERTAINTY gives you control of network quality and desired outcomes as well as choice. CERTAINTY is founded upon collaboration: we are an extension of your existing team and your technology needs are met as they evolve. Paths to proactive monitoring, management, and ultimately to strategic hosted / cloud solutions are clear. Lastly, a flexible program allows you to move costs from from CAPEX to OPEX or as desired.

Why Integration Partners CERTAINTY?
  • People: When you partner with us, you’re working with experts – certified, experienced, and knowledgeable.
  • Process: From initial engagement we have optimized our industry best process to ensure success and speed in resolution. We engage together but Integration Partners will own the challenge and deliver the solution.
  • Flexibility: Our tools and programs are flexible and allow for customization based on your needs.

The idea behind our managed services is actually pretty simple: You know what’s best for you. Our CERTAINTY portfolio allows you to choose the level of support you need, and control the quality and outcomes you need. We provide the solutions that you need for intelligent, flexible support, we solve your business challenges, and we put you on the path to cloud services.



CERTAINTY eliminates capital costs and boosts efficiency, keeping you competitive for years to come. As your technology needs evolve, CERTAINTY adapts with you via a progression-to-proactive monitoring and management through strategic decisions of hosted and cloud solutions. CERTAINTY is delivered with collaboration in mind, as an extension of your team. Invested in your business values with enhanced operations and reduced downtime—ultimately, the best return on your technology investment.

  • Business Services: Designed to give customers a complement of program features, CERTAINTY directly markets to your business constituents the value of information technology services through business service levels and reporting.
  • Improved Productivity: We focus on how your technology performs, while reducing business interruptions, giving you time to concentrate on the issues that are critical to your business.
  • Intelligent, Flexible Service: An innovative service model leveraging intelligent analytics and next-generation automation delivers significant advantages to your operations.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO): With no capital investment and the expertise inherent in CERTAINTY, you’ll experience a service designed around your strategy and pace without costly maintenance and development.

Basic Support

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Solo (Entry Level) is our customizable basic service offering. As the starting point for Collaboration and Unified Communications it includes:

Augmentation and enhancement of manufacturer direct support
  • You initiate any service calls and we react. We supervise all warranty work.
Network Operations Center (NOC)
  • NOC is your Integration Partners Team: the key to our superiority
Service Level Agreements (SLAs)
  • Specify what we will do: guaranteed uptime percentage; users supported, usage statistics, performance benchmarks, ticket response time, access and downtime schedules.
Options (Customizable)
  • Prepaid blocks of time – with services flexibility specified and purchased. Your arrangement can be for time and materials or other.
  • Parts Replacement – We own the process of acquisition and installation of the right parts to solve a given network problem.
  • Onsite Service- We show up promptly after you report a problem of any sort.
  • Documentation – can be provided at all levels, from high to detailed.


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Listen is our offering centered on essential monitoring and support services: 24/7, proactive solutions, employing the NOC toolset. Listen includes all SOLO services (e.g., augmentation and enhancement of manufacturing direct support, SLAs) plus:

Round the Clock local monitoring
  • Of your unified communications infrastructure performance means that all events above a given threshold appear on the NOC engineer console, get logged and receive fast diagnoses. No initiation by you is necessary.
NOC – initiated workflow
  • You’re notified of resolution status via popup in real time. With critical voice patches, we notify you, and then make it happen.
Incident escalation management
  • You get our promptest response to problems involving any degree of urgency.
Options (Customizable)
  • Prepaid Blocks of Time, with services flexibly specified and purchased. Your arrangement can be for time and materials, or other.
  • Parts Replacement: We own the process of acquisition and installation of the right parts to solve a given network problem.

Can be provided at all levels, from high to detailed

Intelligent Managed Service

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Amplify includes the features and benefits of Listen and Solo, with advanced capabilities for monitoring, visibility, reporting, analytics, and support, including customizable user dashboards and real time environment statistics.

Service Delivery Manager (SDM)
  • is the single point of advocacy contact for problems communication. The SDM provides quartly business reviews (QBR’s) and analytics based on data from toolsets.
Automatic, Granular Reporting
  • covers performance and usage, volume and health, by location and device. For voice streams, quality statistics are collected including codec performance.
Problem Management
  • Includes x-rays into your network: we analyze usage in depth, anticipating glitches. We diagnose any recurring symptoms and systemic issues.
Priority Call Management
  • Automatic ranking of hot tickets.
Automated Backups
  • Regular or ad hoc, configuration files and more, either locally or at Integration Partners.
Software Version Management
  • We maintain all software at the appropriate release level.
As-built schematics
  • Hardware documentation, updated in real time.
  • becomes crucial at this level, from network architecture drawings and IPA lists to platform information and security rules.
Network Operations Center
  • Use the web to connect to a high certification engineer, based in the US, with Tier 2 expertise or greater–who knows your network structure in detail and will be able to act.
  • You can also use your portal to track ticket progress. In the opposite direction, the NOC lets us monitor your network, proactively and in depth: It permits problem identification, escalation, verification, isolation, solution, implementation, testing, and resolution confirmation. Root cause analysis follows. It allows issue raning from minor to critical, with appropriate fast response times and resolution goals with escalation thresholds.


Private Cloud Solution

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The fully customizable Inspire managed service includes Amplify features and benefits, with hosting at your site: a hybrid cloud. Inspire additionally emphasizes more granular contact, analytics, monitoring with increased business intelligence. We call Inspire a holistic approach. It includes:

Onsite Engineer

So that every problem gets instant attention.

Full customization

You decide which services you want us to manage.

Total System Administration

Means that every day a full review takes place. Our customer advocacy steps up as well: we join any manufacturer conversations on your behalf.

End User Admin

Such that each of your employees has a dedicated portal with a real time dashboard for opening tickets into our automated workflow system.

Carrier and Third Party Agency

Operational change control. Architecture / topology updating Helpdesk Reporting now is a performance and usage, volume and health, by location and device. For all voice streams, quality statistics are collected, including codec performance. Any negative trends can be attended to proactively.

Round the clock monitoring

Includes anticipatory solutions.

Monitoring of voice performance

All events above a given severity threshold appear on the NOC engineer’s console for diagnosis. Such data are logged and you’re notified in real-time. Alarm and alert libraries are defined.

Break/fix services. As built schematics. Software Version Management.

We perform upgrades automatically; we validate all enhancement releases, bug fixes and we work with you for most efficient deployment.

Complete Documentation

Hosted Cloud

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Applaud is a hosted cloud solution and service for on demand computing with no up front investment and a pay-as-you-go model. Software platform, infrastructure, security, voice and desktop are all services. With Applaud, you combine the best of cloud computing delivered via on-demand. Applaud combines the top features of CERTAINTY: vigilant and proactive monitoring, automatic software updates and full lifecycle management, all in a scalable,

Our Software as a Service (SaaS) model including

  • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)
  • Manage Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)
  • Mobile Device Management and Security as a Service (SaaS).
  • Hosted desktop virtualization (VDI)

The Applaud offering includes the Inspire features and benefits with increased emphasis on functioning as a utility model:

Complete Fixed Hosting & Service Management
  • Manage infrastructure, data and voice from anywhere, without the hassle of a data center and the value of a savvier workflow with complete visibility. View the same dashboards that Integration Partners uses to monitor and maintain the health of your service, as well as view ticket status, receive updates, and more, all through a web-based portal. With improved productivity – Integration Partners hosted solutions offer the latest technologies, service levels and technology currency, alleviating the burden of in-house network management and capital investment.
On Demand Services
  • Scale up or down, depending on your business needs, by simply adding more to your contract Hosted/Cloud Solutions – voice, data and infrastructure resides in the cloud, eliminating the need for a capital investment. Applaud is a flexible service which leverages the best of intelligent analytics and next-generation automation to create scalable high-performance networks that work with your business.
Opex for more predictable pricing
  • Pure cloud delivery system requires no infrastructure purchase or upgrade. Applaud provides a full range of managed services delivered in the cloud. Never purchase a piece of equipment again – with Applaud, your monthly fee lets you access a high-performance network with the most current technology. Integration Partners manages, monitors and supports a secure cloud solution that maximizes your productivity and minimizes disruptions with a lower cost of ownership.